Questions answered!

Below we have answered some of the questions we get asked about our work to give you further information and understanding.

What to tell a child when something serious or traumatic has happened? More >

It is normal not to know what to tell children if something serious has happened. It is natural to want to protect them from upsetting and difficult news. It is important to give each child an age appropriate truthful account of what is happening so they can process what is going on around them. We can support your family to plan, prepare and practice these tough and sensitive conversations.

How to get in touch with us? More >

Simply use the leave a message to email any question, enquiries or to request a referral form. We will respond to you personally and without delay.

How long does it take to get a support service from us? More >

You won’t have to wait long. Our unique promise is a prompt service response. Our tagline is “Support you need when you need it”.

Where are we located? More >

What Matters Most is based in Sandycove, Co Dublin. The supports and services on offer are delivered in the child and families own home, school or a local suitable community setting. We are very happy to travel near or far to see you, time and mileage will be charged outside of our 8km radius.

Why do you visit families in their own home? More >

Children are always best supported within their existing family context. Visiting you at home is invaluable. The whole family including granny and granddad can join in which broadens the potential support network. Home visiting also breaks down the barriers that some older children and teenagers may have in receiving support. We become familiar faces and initial chit chat in time can lead to less fear and more openness to joining in. When children and young people can show you rather then tell you about the meaningful things in their life relationships and understanding deepens.

Is there an alternative to visiting in the family home? More >

Yes and we will do all we can to find one that works for you in your local community. We can talk by phone or video call. We can meet in a nearby park, coffee shop or leisure centre.

Do you provide evening or weekend appointments? More >

Yes we do. Our aim is to meet you without delay at a time that suits you and your family situation.

How much does it cost? More >

Private referrals for child and family work start from €150 for initial phone consult and home visit. Marte Meo Therapy Film and Review from €300. Consultation, Trainings and Supports for Schools and Community Settings range from €350 to €1750. Referrals from Voluntary and Statutory Agencies are professionally and competitively priced, detailed pricing schedule available upon request. Travel and mileage is charged outside of our 8km radius.

How long does a home visit or child and family session last? More >

There is no rush when we visit you and we will work at your child and families pace. Most home visits are approximately one hour.

How many times will we need to see you and how long is the service available to us for? More >

This is entirely up to you and based on your family’s needs. Some families check in a couple of times and feel they can confidently take it from there. Other’s want and need more frequent and longer term supports. We will listen to you and plan with you and we can adapt this as needs are met or new ones emerge.

How do you pay? More >

Fees can be paid directly on the day or we will invoice you following the appointment. Cancellations must give 48 hours’ notice otherwise the full fee will be incurred.

Do you record information about me, my child and family? More >

Yes we do. We will get your informed consent to record your relevant personal details and our contacts and work with you. We do this to plan, inform and reflect on our practice and to ensure a personal, professional and accountable service.

Is the information you hold confidential and secure? More >

Yes we are a fully confidential service and all our information on your family is held securely and GDPR compliant. It is important to note in accordance with The Children’s First Act 2015 we will discuss with you and report on any child welfare or protection concerns to Tusla Child and Family Agency.

If we didn’t answer your question? More >

You can check in with us and please do. We welcome all enquires and if we can’t help you we may know who can.

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