A Note About Tara

Tara has offered bereavement support to our family during the last few days of our child’s life and after he died. Her support has been invaluable in preparing our other child for his brother’s funeral. After Alessio died Tara became a great support to us as parents as a couple and as individuals. We will be forever grateful for the support she offered at such difficult time in our lives. 

While we were in a state of shock Tara advocated for our other child by meeting with his teachers and school staff and by explaining how to support him. That meant so much to him and to us as we knew the school were then more able to meet his needs.

Tara is truly an expert in her field.

On a personal level Tara has demonstrated a genuine care for our family; she has had the ability to reassure us and to say the right things even in the most difficult times.

We would recommend Tara to anyone requiring bereavement or loss support.

Teresa & Paul Gunn

Thank you Tara. I thought you were wonderful and just what we needed at this time. We’re certainly equipped now with a plan which will help us all over the next couple of months and particularly the children. You’re very kind it was worth every penny and more! We had a very positive experience with you and we would actively encourage anyone in need of your support services to get in touch with you. Thank you so much Tara.

Sophie and Conail Hart.

During our experience of death by Suicide with my Grandson’s Grandad, in April 2020 and incorporating lockdown restrictions, Tara was of invaluable help and support to me, my daughter and Grandson. Tara spoke with compassion & real understanding of this difficult situation. She guided us on how to handle and cope with what we were facing into. Tara confirmed the right choices that we had made, like telling the truth to my Grandson about how his Grandad had died, to allowing him to express his grief and anger and feelings that he had never felt before. She helped us to understand this was his “upset and hurt” trying to release from his body. Tara supported us to let him know it was ok to do this and talk about it, and for us as a family to be there for him to listen, love and support. Without Tara’s expertise, intervention and direction we were totally lost in this horrific and tragic trauma. Having Tara to turn to was priceless to us and something we will never forget, I for one, was so grateful that I knew Tara.

Sandra Hession.

I am very pleased to recommend Tara Smith for her work in bereavement. Tara has a wide and comprehensive knowledge and practice experience that she brings to her work with families, children, and young people. She has a depth of empathy, compassion and understanding that connects her with those struggling at a very difficult time in their lives.

Tara brings a fresh, creative, and timely approach to all aspects of her work in bereavement. Having first met Tara while we both studied for the MSc Loss & Bereavement many years ago, I continue to consult and liaise with Tara in relation to the work of Rainbows Ireland – supporting bereaved children and young people.

I particularly value the insights, views, and practice wisdom that she brings to the world of children’s bereavement. I value her professionalism and the passion she holds for shining a light on childhood bereavement.

Continued best wishes to Tara.

I am very much looking forward to the valuable contribution she will continue to bring to the discourse and practices of supporting bereaved families and children.

Anne Staunton, CEO Rainbows Ireland.

Tara has been a member of the Irish Childhood Bereavement Network (ICBN) since its inception. She always contributes to the network and its activities with enthusiasm and warmth. 

Tara is strongly committed to supporting families facing complex challenges and has extensive experience over 30 years of working in this sector. 

Tara is a great ideas person who uses her creativity to help break down complex ideas and information in an accessible and user-friendly way

Maura Keating ICBN.

I first met Tara Smith in my capacity as the administrator for the MSc Bereavement Studies which was a two year Master’s programme offered by Irish Hospice Foundation in partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons. Tara distinguished herself as one of the most delightful students that has passed our portal. She acquitted herself academically very well as evidenced by her attaining MSc in the two years with honours in addition to giving birth to her son. She was a much valued and cohesive member of the group. Over the years she has contributed to IHF in a professional capacity as a trusted source for her expertise with bereaved children.

My relationship with Tara has continued, I am so very glad to say, as we both participated in the programme offered by Our Lady’s Hospice, The Sacred Art of Living and Dying. We share a desire to discover the Truth (and I use the capital T deliberately) that ‘something’ that underpins all our lives and nourishes love, strength, resilience in troubled times -the eye in the storm and freedom. I have described her as one of the most delightful people in my life.

I deeply value her presence and her support in times of difficulty. I can’t overstate the value of her humour and wisdom all the time.

Maura Dunne, October 21, 2020.

Since qualifying as a Social Worker I have worked alongside Tara. From the beginning to the end, Tara has been fantastic, not only to the families she supports and helps on a daily basis, but also as another professional.

Tara has many years of practice experience, identifying and responding to the complex needs of children and young people who have experienced loss. She has supported children and families overcome some of the most difficult obstacles they will ever face. She has really touched the lives of the families she supports, it’s not just a profession for Tara, she truly cares for the families she works with. It is incredible how often she goes above and beyond for families and how the families remain the primary focus of her work.

Tara is considerate, kind-hearted, thoughtful, attentive and much more, and these are just some of the traits that make Tara so good at what she does and why families and professionals warm to her instantly.

Suzanne McCabe, Social worker.

We have worked with Tara Smith in a professional manner for the last 16 years. Tara has been an invaluable resource to our preschool team due to her vast knowledge of childhood loss and bereavement. Tara was able to provide us with an array of information to help any child who had been affected by separation, loss or adverse childhood experiences. Tara has been a great source of information and support in our work with vulnerable children and families. By using the Marte Meo method on some of the children with the most challenging behaviour, Tara was able to guide us in our work with them, supporting them to meet their individual needs. Tara has a great rapport with her clients, both young and old. Tara is a genuinely kind and caring person who is a wonderful source of comfort for people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Lisa Spring and Coríosa McGinn, Early Years Practitioners.

I am delighted to write this recommendation for Tara Smith.

I have known Tara for 6 years as a parent in Scoil Lorcáin, a parent who was involved in school life, helping out – as she could – at our Christmas Fair ‘Aonach na Nollag’ and at other school events such as our sports’ day ‘Lá Spóirt Scoil Lorcáin’ and school tours.  Tara was, and is, a valuable asset to us in this way.

I commend Tara, in particular, for the support she gave the school, and to me personally, when a school parent died in tragic circumstances two years ago.  Tara contacted me to offer help, gave sound sensible advice and helped us to deal with a difficult situation.  She advised me in my communications with parents and she helped the class teacher to support and care for the children in dealing with their emotions over this event.  She was professional, personal and caring – invaluable in the circumstance we faced.

I would trust Tara’s judgement and skills in difficult circumstances.  She has the personality, skills and experience to help and support.

I am available at the points mentioned should further clarification be needed.

Le meas, Colmán Ó Drisceoil.

Hello Tara, I have just heard about your new venture and am so excited for you. I can see from the services offered and the continuous work you have put in to developing your craft, that your interest in young children and your enthusiasm to support them is as strong now as it was when we first trained together over 30 years ago. I wish you every success with your new business and can see that it will be a huge asset to the children, families and communities who avail of it.

Breege Ward – Manager at Tusla Child & Family centre, Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal.

Tara, I have seen you bring deep understanding and great knowledge as a Childcare Professional to many children and their families throughout the years. You bring light and inspiration to all with an open heart.

Caroline Malone, Marte Meo Colleague and Friend.

I met Tara Smith a number of years ago. She was working as a Project Worker for a National Child and Family Organization in a very disadvantaged area of South West Dublin where I work as a Community Development Worker.

After the local Community suffered a number of deaths by suicide Tara agreed to become part of a group consisting of community members and relevant professional workers in an attempt to highlight the deep affect on the community and to develop appropriate responses.

During her career Tara has worked with families who have experienced grief, loss, fear, hurt and despair. Tara displays immense empathy for those who are suffering. She has supported, guided, directed, respected and cared for those who have gone through major crisis in their lives. Tara just “gets it”. She is extremely skilled in understanding and communicating the experiences of those with whom she works.

As part of the community members/workers group,Tara contributed to and  on many occasions led the design and  development of an innovative, creative Family Support Programme for young children and their significant others who had experienced loss due to suicide , content included (recruitment of family members, design and facilitation of creative workshops, evaluation of programme) Tara is a breath of fresh air. Her enthusiasm is incredible and catching!! Her creativity is amazing.

Working with Tara was an enlightening and inspiring experience.  Her charismatic nature and in particular her belief in the need to create opportunities to facilitate a better life experience for vulnerable families.

Sheilann Monaghan Senior Manager Community Development The Glenshane Resource Centre.

Nearly twenty years ago, I began the journey in training as a Marte Meo Therapist with Tara. Over this time, I have repeatedly witnessed her enduring commitment to achieve the best outcomes for children and families. Tara’s compassion and positivity are core features in her work.

Dr Deborah Harding, Chartered Psychologist and Marte Meo Supervisor.

Tara is that combination of skilled knowledgeable professional who operates from a base of deep compassion, respect and humility. She wants only the best outcomes for the children and families who are her clients. Tara works continuously to update and equip herself with a range of therapeutic supports in order to offer her clients interventions that are transferable and work.

Eilish Craig, Social Worker, Marte Meo Therapist and Supervisor.

Tara is amazing at what she does in how she supports children, families and her colleagues. She has always offered me practical and informed advice on how best to support children and their parents in the most difficult of situations. Tara is very approachable and she gives considered explanations and sensitive guidance on how best to relate and interact with children through hard times”.

Sarah Davis.

Tara is extremely committed to the cause of children and in particular those who have lost someone important int their lives.  i was pleased to have worked with Tara during her time as a postgraduate student on the RCSI MSc Bereavement programme run in association with the Irish Hospice Foundation. Over the two years Tara came to a great appreciation of the impact of bereavement on families and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of what we all can do to make a difference

Orla Keegan. Head of Education and Bereavement Services. IHF.

I know Tara since September 2001 in my capacity as Licensed Marte Meo Supervisor in Ireland, when she commenced training on the Marte Meo Therapist Training Course. Tara was accredited and registered with the Marte Meo International Network, Holland, as a Therapist in March 2003 and following further training as a Marte Meo Supervisor in December 2006.   She continued her professional development in Marte Meo through regular attendance at clinical supervision.  Over the years Tara has much and varied experience in the successful application of the Marte Meo method as a supportive intervention to families and in family work.  I wish her the very best in her new venture.

Colette O’ Donovan M.Sc Licensed Marte Meo Supervisor.

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