Help Me Say Good Bye

Help Me Say Good Bye

When you gift a child or family our Help Me Say Goodbye bereavement care and professional practitioner support. We will provide:

• Emergency, priority and out of hours responses and home visits throughout Ireland.
• Information, support, and guidance on how to talk to children when serious illness, death, and traumatic events have happened.
• Planning and facilitating meaningful childhood inclusion and participation in rituals, funerals and remembrance.
• Ongoing personal supports with experienced compassionate practitioners as the child, family and their community navigate and journey their loss together.

This is Heidi, she adored her Daddy and she comes to all our events and gatherings. Heidi and her Dad were seldom apart, she was always with him and her heart was broken when he died instantly in a tragic accident. Her school contacted us and we responded immediately however this funding has run out. Heidi is still deeply sad and she mises her Dad so much. Will you PLEASE gift Heidi, her little sisters and other children like her our continued Bereavement Care and Family Support. This is an extraordinarily difficult and sad time for families. The support you can give to a child when they need it will last their lifetime.

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